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  • Jason Floyd

Rep. Kurka Responds to Gov. Dunleavy's State of the State Address

Today Alaska Gubernatorial Candidate Christopher Kurka weighed in on Governor Mike Dunleavy’s State of the State Speech.

Characterizing the speech as, “lackluster at best,” Kurka said, “I wish the Governor's statements about standing against federal overreach, healthcare freedom, and privacy weren't just empty rhetoric." He added, it was what the Governor omitted during the speech that most notably caught his attention.

Kurka pointed out that while Dunleavy claimed to have increased public distribution of COVID-19 therapeutics, he neglected to recognize that while some Alaskans were allowed access to Monoclonal Antibodies, many others were only allowed the use of Remdesivir; a drug widely reported to cause serious organ damage and linked to lucrative and unethical federal prescribing incentives.

Kurka said, “The governor was disingenuous when he claimed the state’s health care system was, ‘resilient and resourceful.’”

Not too long ago, Dunleavy was celebrating the arrival of FEMA nurses from the lower-48 who were then used to displace Alaskan nurses who couldn’t or wouldn’t take the ‘Fauci-jab.’” He continued.

Kurka also commented on Dunleavy’s promise to use a projected windfall of oil revenues to expand government spending, and create a range of new studies, exploratory commissions, and yet to be defined alternative energy projects.

“Last-night, Governor Dunleavy mentioned budget reductions, but the truth is, he has proposed a broad array of budget increases and aspirational ‘Visions.’ You know there is a problem when big government Senators like Gary Stevens come out in support of the governor’s speech and budget proposals.”

According to the 2021 Laffer-ALEC Report on Economic Freedom, Grading America’s Governors, Dunleavy was scored 34th in the nation for Fiscal Policy, 49th for Economic Performance, and 26th for Executive Policy.

During his speech, Dunleavy did not announce any new bills for the 2022 legislative session.

He did not mention if he plans to make-good on his campaign promises concerning the Permanent Fund Dividend this year.

He did not identify a roadmap for reducing unemployment and chose not to address Alaska’s rapidly shrinking number of small-businesses, or the plight of the families who rely on them for their livelihood.

Kurka said, “Dunleavy tried to cast himself as a visionary for the future of Alaska. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see him bringing anything new to the table—especially given the little time he has left, all his broken promises, the mismanagement of public health policy, and his disregard for our constitutional rights.

Statistically, most Alaska governors never achieve a second term. Given his current national ranking, his poor performance at last night’s speech, and his lack of a clearly articulated plan for this session, it is unlikely Dunleavy will deliver another State of the State speech to the Alaska Legislature.

To learn more about Alaska Gubernatorial Candidate Christopher Kurka’s plan for a more conservative, responsive, and constitutionally guided state administration visit his campaign site at:

We have also compiled a shareable Facebook post of Rep. Kurka's State of the State response that also outlines Kurka's vision for a freer, more prosperous Alaska.

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