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  • Jason Floyd


(WASILLA, ALASKA April. 6, 2022) Allegations of systemic corruption committed by State officials have reached the desk of House Representative, and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Christopher Kurka.

Kurka believes the rights and duties of individual Grand Jurors must never be infringed. They must be held sacrosanct.

“The allegations raised by protesters on the Kenai Peninsula are very serious. It is imperative that the Governor conduct a thorough investigation and follow the findings wherever they lead. Alaskans must have full confidence in their legal process, and if public officials are proved to have engaged in misconduct, they must pay the price,” said Kurka.

The Governor has reportedly been informed of the alleged grievances and has been asked to investigate Deputy Attorney General John Skidmore for recent Jury Tampering, to apologize for Skidmore’s actions against currently seated Kenai Grand Jurors, and to let Jurors know they should proceed with their constitutionally and legally defined duties without further interference.

Kurka said, “today I join the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, the Homer City Council, the Nikiski Community Council, and Funny River Community Association, and protestors at the Kenai District Courthouse, in voicing my support for the claims and demands of a lawful Grand Jury process.”

“The survival of our great republic requires the equal and unwavering observance and application of the Rule of Law. There is no room in our system of law and governance for special classes, individuals, or interests, to exempt themselves from this rule.”

Kurka’s statement comes the same day over 60 people picketed the Kenai District Courthouse, peacefully protesting the Dunleavy administration’s continued interference with the Grand Jury’s duty to investigate public allegations of official corruption.

Kurka, who has long called for reformation of Alaska’s Court System and the Department of Law, is now calling on Governor Dunleavy to take an official position supporting and responding to public demands for a Grand Jury investigation into jury tampering, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, and perjury.


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