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Updated: May 4, 2022

(WASILLA, ALASKA Mar. 24, 2022) Gubernatorial candidate Christopher Kurka and Lt. Governor Candidate Paul Hueper today blasted the Dunleavy/Meyer Administration for their unprecedented and controversial move to hold the special election to fill Alaska’s United States House seat by mail-in vote.

Many advocates of clean and fair elections have pointed out Alaska’s voter rolls are the most inflated in the nation with 111% of eligible Alaskans being registered to vote.

“It’s bad enough that this administration has utterly failed to clean up the voter rolls,” Kurka said. “But the idea that the Division of Elections is going to send out ballots to every registrant in the voter file is just a disaster waiting to happen. There are nearly 60 thousand more registered voters than there are Alaskans eligible to vote. If sending tens of thousands of ballots to phantom voters across the state isn’t inviting election fraud, I don’t know what is.”

Further exacerbating the situation, there is no system in place for signature verification, making it impossible to confirm who is actually casting the ballots.

According to an August 2021 article published by the Alaska Policy Forum: “mail-in ballots enable ballot harvesting; are more vulnerable to being stolen, altered, or forged; and are susceptible to voter fraud.”

Before the 2020 election, President Donald Trump warned that mail-in voting would lead to “the greatest fraud.” He was right. The extraordinary scene that unfolded in states like Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, among others, should not be repeated in Alaska.

During his 2008 campaign, President Obama also rightly questioned whether mail-in voting could be done with integrity in places where there was not a system already in place.

“There is nothing more vital to the democratic process than voter confidence in elections,” added Hueper. “It is unconscionable that a Republican administration would let this Trojan Horse inside Alaska, especially on the heels of one of the most controversial elections in American history. It will only further erode voter confidence in the system. It’s time for change. A Kurka/Hueper administration will take on this broken system and restore trust in our elections.”

Christopher Kurka and Paul Hueper are running on a platform that includes comprehensive election reform: making election day a State Holiday, ending ranked choice voting, banning Dominion voting machines, cleaning up the voter rolls, implementing Voter ID, ending mail-in voting (does not include traditional absentee voting), and full election transparency.

More information about the Kurka / Hueper ticket can be found at: and


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