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Kurka Blasts Dunleavy Budget Proposal

Alaska Gubernatorial Candidate Christopher Kurka held nothing back in response to Governor Dunleavy’s latest budget boondoggle, calling it lawless, irresponsible, and an abandonment of his own stated agenda.

“Governor Dunleavy’s recent budget proposal leaves no doubt that he is fundamentally unserious about addressing the State’s fiscal woes. The idea that getting into a spending contest with failed Governor Bill Walker is going to get us any closer to sustainability is laughable,” Kurka said.

The Governor’s proposal would yet again increase State spending, and exceed even former Governor Bill Walker’s final budget. Additionally, it PROPOSES stealing $1,640 from every Alaskan’s Statutory PFD to pay for it, as well as raiding funds from Federal CARES ACT monies sent for relief of Alaskans struggling with the fallout of the COVID pandemic, and borrowing bond funds to meet the revenue shortfall from his big government and special interest wish list.

“Governor Dunleavy has abandoned all pretense of following Statutory law on the PFD, and is now PROPOSING to take money for his budget that rightfully and lawfully belongs to Alaskans,” Kurka continued. “That is not what he promised Alaskans when he ran for governor, but he abandoned those promises when he abandoned budget cuts and surrendered to Big Government and adopted liberal Democrat Mark Begich’s PFD raid.”

Alaskans deserve better. The truth is, it is impossible to get Alaska’s fiscal house in order without significant cuts.

Kurka concluded, “It’s time to do what’s right for the citizens of this state, get this budget under control, downsize government, restore the Statutory PFD, and again make government the servant of the people.”

Christopher Kurka is a candidate for Governor of Alaska and is running on a limited government, full PFD, pro-liberty platform. He and his wife Haylee live in Wasilla where they are raising their 4 boys. Christopher is the former Executive Director of Alaska Right to Life and currently is serving in the State Legislature as Representative for House District 7.


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