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  • Jason Floyd

Dunleavy Doubles-Down in Support of Anne Zink & Big Pharma

Wednesday, in a Hail Mary attempt to defend his continued support for Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink, Dunleavy told a reporter from the Anchorage Daily News, “There is no reason for me to fire Dr. Zink. Dr. Zink has my confidence.”

In the same report Dunleavy fumbled, revealing who ultimately controls state public health policy. Dunleavy said of Dr. Zink, “We continue to have regular conversations — we’ve never seen eye to eye on lots of things, and that’s what I think has made us both stronger. And I appreciate the way we continue to work through those challenges together and collaboratively.”

For those who missed the memo, on November 1st Dunleavy nominated Zink to receive a prestigious AMA award for her work to, “maximize vaccination numbers and dispel misinformation,” going so far as to call her a, “trusted public health official.”

A January 19th article in the Alaska Watchman reporting Dunleavy’s refusal to fire Dr. Zink comes barely a week before her planned metaphoric cuddle-party with Pfizer Vaccine Medical Director, Tracy Foo. The discussion topic for this Big-Pharma/Public Health hook-up: How best to overcome the anti-vaccine choices exercised by liberty loving Alaskans.

Gubernatorial Candidate Christopher Kurka hit back at Dunleavy’s indefensible position commenting, “I don’t know how the Governor can keep supporting an administrative team-member who claims to be following the science but has so clearly lost touch with reality. He’s going to have a hard time convincing Alaskans that Zink’s meeting with representatives of Big-Pharma and her recent election as President of an anti-liberty, pro-mandate group like ASTHO (the Association of State & Territorial Health Officials) are a coincidence.”

Meanwhile, jurisdictions across the globe are beginning to publicly acknowledge Omicron appears to be on the decline, and The World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations Emergency Committee issued a global recommendation, “to lift international travel bans and mandatory vaccination for entry into countries.”

January 19th, the Gateway Pundit reported England PM Boris Johnson acknowledged COVID-19 Public health mandates don’t work, and that he was restoring social and medical freedom to the country. England is once again mandate free.

When will Governor Dunleavy acknowledge now is not the best time for a cuddle-party with Pfizer?

When will he retake control of his Constitutional duty to oversee administration of the state public health system?

When will he finally lead the charge for liberty, and acknowledge the freedom-killing malpractice being perpetrated by the deep-state, Anne Zink, and her Big-Pharma buddies?

To let Governor Dunleavy know how liberty-loving Alaskan’s feel, click this “Fire Anne Zink Petition” link. Show him we will not remain silent, we no longer buy the lies, and we are done complying.

Alaska needs a Governor who will appoint a Chief Medical Officer, not a rep for Big-Pharma.

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