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Alaskans told to go to "Back of the Bus" due to Vaccine Status

Last weekend, families bought tickets to watch the Homer Nutcracker Ballet. This annual community event is held in the Homer High School Theater, which is a publicly funded Kenai Peninsula Borough School District facility.

When Ballet ticketholders purchased tickets in Soldotna, the business asked them to identify if they received a COVID-19 shot, but did not necessarily inform folks that the “unvaccinated,” would be separated from those with general admission.

On the day of the performance those who did not wish to share their private medical information and those who reported not receiving COVID-19 shots were forced to segregate from the so-called “Vaxxed” patrons and were forced to take seats in the rear of the theater.

How did we arrive at this place? Not since the days of Jim-Crow and racial-segregation have we seen such a disgraceful disregard for the civil-rights of our fellow citizens.

Though a serious violation of liberty (and a matter of extensive discussion on social media by people from both sides of the debate), the segregation of ticketholders for the Homer Nutcracker Ballet is not breaking news. Unsurprisingly, Governor Dunleavy, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District officials and main-stream media outlets remain silent on the issue.

In the last two years Governor Dunleavy (along with his "Health Czar" Anne Zink), and Legislative leaders, have executed a coordinated attack against Alaskan liberty, sowing the fear-soaked seeds of tyranny - a deadly weed which now poisons communities throughout our beloved state.

As your Governor, I will not allow individuals, institutions, organizations, businesses, or political subdivisions of the state, to trample the constitutionally protected rights, freedoms or dignity of Alaskans and their families.

Under my Administration, violations of our rights will be swiftly investigated, and fully prosecuted.

We must stop the outrageous attacks on freedom to make our own healthcare choices. Anne Zink and the Dunleavy administration will not stop in their effort to eviscerate our healthcare freedoms. I'm running for Governor to give you a chance to say "enough is enough".

United we stand, divided we fall.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Rep. Christopher Kurka

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