Balanced Budget and PFD

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2nd Amendment Rights

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Unequivocally Pro Life   

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Important Issues

Other Important Issues

Move the Capitol

Keeping the legislature out of reach for most of
Alaskans has proven to be both expensive and bad public policy.  Alaskans should not have to
drive through a foreign country and get on a
boat to access their legislature.


Alaska has a deeply troubling crime problem. Criminals repeat offend at an alarming rate while the victims of the crime are left injured without meaningful restitution.
Meanwhile our shortsighted legislature passed SB91 - an atrocious pro-crime bill. Alaska needs a criminal justice system where punishment fits the crime and victims are protected.

More Private Land

Less than 1/3 of 1% of Alaska's land is privately owned.  I am a proponent of opening up more of our great State to private ownership.  I trust that my fellow Alaskans would treat the land with respect and that we work work together to steward this great resource wisely.  

​Budget and PFD

It’s common knowledge to most Alaskans that the full payout of our PFD and low government spending help create economic growth.  But, despite these tough economic times, that knowledge hasn’t always translated into positive action in Juneau.

Instead of paying out the full PFD to hardworking Alaskans, Governor Dunleavy has been stonewalled by the State Legislature who have ignored his repeated calls for a full payout. They are more concerned with lining the pockets of their special-interest pals.


Most average Alaskans are hardworking folks who have long relied on the annual Permanent Fund Dividend to help support their families through the long Winters.  Not only has the Legislature stolen the PFD year after year, they have used it to prop up an unsustainable budget.


When elected, I’ll work hard to:        

    •   Lower taxes on small businesses and individuals (license and permit fees are all taxes) to get our economy moving in the right direction – I want to help make Alaska the best state in nation to do business in;
    •   Cut out wasteful spending and get our State budget back to a sustainable level;
    •   Protect a full PFD payment and work to return to the people the amounts that have been stolen by the legislature in recent years.

Protecting the PFD and decreasing spending are two very important reasons why I’m running for the Alaska House. 


As your Representative, I will take a strong stand for responsible budgeting and full PFD payouts.       


​Right to Life

It’s a scientific fact:  At the moment of conception, pre-born babies have independent DNA.


Not their mother’s.  Not their father’s.  Their own.               


From that moment forward, their hair and eye color -- all the way down to the shape of their little toes -- has already been determined.


And yet, even knowing all of that, some who don’t want to deal with the “inconvenience” of  having a child have the audacity to deny the preborn their humanity.


This is an unspeakable tragedy.


What’s worse is that instead of protecting life, the government has just “looked the other way” for over 40 years!


Since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe vs. Wade in 1973, over 50 million babies have been aborted.


During that time, we have listened to one promise after the other from politicians who are pro-life on Election Day but refuse to lift a finger to fight against abortion-on-demand once elected.  This has resulted in 4 babies being put to death in Alaska every day.


I believe this must stop. 


But not only do I believe it must stop, I have spent a large part of my life fighting for it to stop.  As the former Executive Director of Alaska’s only statewide organization dedicated to the end of abortion, I have vetted candidates, pled with politicians, and written legislation in an effort to bring about the end of the greatest atrocity of our history. 


Through these efforts I have been subjected to the vitriol of the pro-abortion Left and the condescending under-handedness of the apathetic Political Class who have refused to lead on this paramount issue.


My work on the Life at Conception Act (which I wrote and was introduced after years of changes and perfecting), showed me that much of Alaska’s Political Class really don’t want to touch this issue.  It’s a devastating reality and one that I am committed to change.


Alaska’s pre-born babies deserve a voice in Juneau who will stand up and plead for their lives.


If you give me the opportunity to represent you in the State House, I will work tirelessly to:


  • Pass a Life at Conception Act, which would legally recognize human life as beginning at the moment of conception, and ultimately end abortion-on-demand in Alaska;
  • Immediately stop the flow of ALL taxpayer funding for abortion or groups that promote abortion;


I am 100% committed to the cause of the pre-born and, if elected, you can count on me to stand up for life even in the face of adversity.


​2nd Amendment Rights

Oppressive gun laws often end up only producing more crime.


You don’t have to look much further than Washington, D.C., New York City or Chicago to realize that.


But if you listen to some folks, you’d think that law-abiding gun owners -- not the criminals themselves -- are to blame for every crime committed.


Well, I think that blaming crime on guns is like blaming arson on matches. 


It’s that simple.


I’m a firm believer in the individual right to keep and bear arms as enshrined in the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution.


And, I also believe the right to defend yourself from evil-doers is the foundation of a free society.


That’s why, when elected to the State House, I’ll stand up to the gun-grabbers and work to defeat any new gun-control schemes coming out of Juneau or Washington, D.C. 


When elected, I pledge to stand up for the rights of hunters and gun collectors alike.


But besides playing defense, I believe it’s time to start working to restore our Second Amendment rights that have been stripped away.


When elected, you can count on me to push for pro-gun legislation like a Carry on Campus bill.


If passed, this bill would allow law-abiding Alaskan students to carry a handgun on campus to protect themselves.


Not only am I making promises on the campaign trail – I have a proven record of Second Amendment defense through my work in being a founder and organizer of the 2nd Amendment Task Force (2ATF). 


You and I both know the only people who feel safer when we disarm the good guys are criminals who get their guns illegally.


We Alaskans are a tough breed and I know that you, like me, value your right to carry in order to protect ourselves and our families – one of our most basic human rights.