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Kurka for Governor
Intern Program

Learn how to run for office.  Help elect a pro-liberty Governor. 

Christopher Kurka is a pro-liberty Conservative running for Governor on a limited-government and full PFD platform. Christopher is a husband, homeschooling father to 4 boys, and currently represents Wasilla in the Alaska State Legislature. Christopher won his current House seat with nearly 70% of the vote in a contested Primary election utilizing the tools and training he has learned over his nearly 20 years being involved in political organizing in Alaska. He has a passion to see other Conservatives effectively and strategically win public office in order to influence law and policy for righteousness and truth.

What It Is

The Kurka for Governor Intern Program is a hands-on opportunity for people of all ages to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to run for and win public office while assisting on a pro-liberty campaign for Alaska Governor.  


Whether you’re someone who has interest in running for office already or want to gain skills to help someone else run, this program will be an invaluable tool to help you achieve your goals. 


The Kurka for Governor campaign team is made up of individuals who have experience in running both local and statewide campaigns.  The combined experience of the team, through both winning and losing, provides a deep and thorough foundation for those who are looking to influence policy through public office. 

Interns will commit to a *minimum* of 15 hours per week. 

Who It's For

The Kurka for Governor Intern program is geared toward anyone who has an interest in running for public office or helping on the campaign of someone else. 


Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years old in order to be considered.  Each applicant must agree to the Kurka for Governor campaign platform and the core tenants of the candidate. 


Interns will be expected to have a willingness to learn, flexibility to work on evenings and weekends, conduct themselves in a respectful manner, and be ready to have a good time!

What You'll Learn

  • How to analyze a precinct/district to determine winnability

  • Writing a campaign plan including creating a budget

  • Preparing to be a candidate

  • Public speaking

  • How to effectively fundraise for your campaign

  •  Grassroots activism – door to door, phone calling, etc.

  • Running an effective direct mail program

  • Campaign events

  • Get Out the Vote efforts (GOTV)

  • Evaluating your campaign – win or lose

  • And lots more!

What You'll Do

Interns on the Kurka for Governor campaign team will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience in each of the main components that it takes to win a campaign.  Tasks will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Direct mail efforts

  • Door to door campaigning

  • Phone calls

  • Event assistance

  • Data entry

  • Office administrative work

  • Sign waving

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Etc.

What You'll Get

Successful interns will receive the following benefits and opportunities in addition to the campaign training listed above:


  • High School Credits (if desired)

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Letter of Recommendation from Rep. Christopher Kurka

  • Campaign consulting (if running for office within 3 years of completing the intern program)

  • Consideration for staff positions

  • Out of area interns will receive room & board provided by the campaign

  • In-State travel (with members of the campaign team)

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Intern Program
Application of Interest

Thanks for submitting!

The Kurka for Governor Campaign Team Trainers: 

christopher kurka - scholarly.jpg
Rep. Christopher Kurka

Christopher, candidate for Governor of Alaska, is a current Representative in the Alaska State House.  His expertise ranges from Republican Party politics, to campaign strategy, to effective voter contact, and much more. 

Haylee Kurka

Haylee Kurka is wife to Christopher, business owner, mother to 4 boys aged 1-7 years, and is passionate about impacting Alaska for truth and righteousness.  Her expertise will guide the interns in most areas of training focus, including budgeting, scheduling, office management, data, technology, etc. 

matt johnson 2_edited.jpg
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is serving as the General Consultant for the Kurka for Governor campaign.  He has a breadth of experience in Alaska politics, including multiple statewide campaigns, as well as smaller local races.  He will share his knowledge in strategy, messaging, candidate pitfalls, etc. 

Image by Caleb George
Archibald Campbell*

Archibald Campbell is the President of Let's Build the Family - a consulting group focused on educating and strengthening the family for the glory of God.  He will instruct the interns on communication and speaking. 

*Pending Confirmation

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