Full Statutory PFD

It’s common knowledge to most Alaskans that the full payout of our PFD and low government spending help create economic growth.  But, despite these tough economic times, that knowledge hasn’t always translated into positive action by Alaska's politicians.


Instead of paying out the full PFD to hardworking Alaskans, Governor Dunleavy has been stonewalled by the State Legislature who have ignored his repeated calls for a full payout. They are more concerned with lining the pockets of their special-interest pals.


Most average Alaskans are hardworking folks who have long relied on the annual Permanent Fund Dividend to help support their families through the long Winters.  Not only has the Legislature stolen the PFD year after year, they have used it to prop up an unsustainable budget.


When elected, I’ll work hard to:        

    •   Lower taxes on small businesses and individuals (license and permit fees are all taxes) to get our economy moving in the right direction – I want to help make Alaska the best state in nation to do business in;

    •   Cut out wasteful spending and get our State budget back to a sustainable level;

    •   Protect a full PFD payment and work to return to the people the amounts that have been stolen by the legislature in recent years.


Protecting the PFD and decreasing spending are two very important reasons why I’m running for the Alaska House.     


As your Representative, I will take a strong stand for responsible budgeting and full PFD payouts.