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2nd Amendment

Oppressive gun laws often end up only producing more crime.


You don’t have to look much further than Washington, D.C., New York City or Chicago to realize that.


But if you listen to some folks, you’d think that law-abiding gun owners -- not the criminals themselves -- are to blame for every crime committed.


Well, I think that blaming crime on guns is like blaming arson on matches. 


It’s that simple.


I’m a firm believer in the individual right to keep and bear arms as enshrined in the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution.


And, I also believe the right to defend yourself from evil-doers is the foundation of a free society.


That’s why, when elected to Alaska's Governor, I’ll stand up to the gun-grabbers and vehemently oppose any new gun-control schemes coming from our out-of-control Feds.  


When elected, I pledge to stand up for the rights of hunters and gun collectors alike.


But besides playing defense, I believe it’s time to start working to restore our Second Amendment rights that have been stripped away.

I will eagerly support and sign legislation like a Carry on Campus bill.


This kind of legislation would allow law-abiding Alaskan students to carry a handgun on campus to protect themselves.


Not only am I making promises on the campaign trail – I have a proven record of Second Amendment defense through my work in being a founder and organizer of the 2nd Amendment Task Force (2ATF). 


You and I both know the only people who feel safer when we disarm the good guys are criminals who get their guns illegally.


We Alaskans are a tough breed and I know that you, like me, value your right to carry in order to protect ourselves and our families – one of our most basic human rights.

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