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Kurka for Governor

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The time is at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves." 

- George Washington

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About Christopher Kurka

Christopher is a third generation Alaskan, businessman, and the son and grandson of military heroes. Before being elected to the State House, Christopher served as the Executive Director of Alaska Right to Life. Christopher is married to the love of his life, Haylee, and together they have 4 sons - Justice, Samuel, Finney and Titus.


Issues of Conviction

Covid Mandates / Lockdowns

Covid policies that promote a "papers please" culture are dictatorial and should never have a place in a free society. Quarantining the healthy, separating families from their loved ones, deeming some businesses are less essential than others, and restricting travel are all a desecration of our Constitution.

Healthcare Freedom

Vaccine/health mandates are both unconstitutional and unconscionable for a free people. It is the duty of government to protect the individual liberty of the people to make our own healthcare decisions.

Election Integrity

When a nation loses its ability to trust its elections, it has, to some degree, lost hope of change or the peaceful hand over of power. I call for a thorough audit of the 2020 election in every precinct in Alaska. Our election system needs to be thoroughly reviewed and every election certified only after a hand-count of every ballot.

Full Statutory PFD

Making another law or Constitutional amendment will not fix the problem of politicians' flagrant disregard for the current law and Constitution. Full PFD with backpay for every eligible Alaskan.

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About Paul Hueper

Paul and his wife Marilyn make their home in Homer Alaska where they have built and operate a hospitality business. Because of Paul's deep-seated concern for the integrity of our election system, he and Marilyn attended the Jan. 6 rally in Washington D.C.. Upon their return to Alaska, they became the subjects of national attention when they were wrongfully accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop and were held at gunpoint by Capitol Police and the FBI. Now Paul is on a mission to see integrity restored in our elections and leave Alaska a little brighter for the next generation.

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