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    ​Christopher Kurka - a third generation Alaskan, business owner, and tireless supporter of the right to life...

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Christopher on the Issues

I believe in small government with balanced budgets and less taxes; the unequivocal value of every innocent human life; the rights of parents to freely educate their children; and am a strong supporter of keeping the government's hands out of Alaska's PFD. 

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Balanced Budget and PFD

I will fight to protect the full PFD and restore what has been stolen over the past several years.  The Legislature should only approve a balanced budget and stop the runaway spending! 

Unequivocally Pro-Life

No right is more fundamental than the right to life.  As a staunch pro-life leader in Alaska, I plan to continue the fight to protect every innocent human life as I serve in the Legislature.

Oppose the Binding Caucus

The Binding Caucus rule is, simply put, unethical.  I plan to join the Republican Caucus but also will refuse to sell my vote if Caucus membership is predicated on a blind commitment to vote for a future unknown. 

2nd Amendment Rights

We Alaskans are an independent bunch and we value the right to keep and bear arms as one of our most fundamental rights.  A priority in the legislature would be to pass a Carry on Campus bill. 

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Who's Christopher? 

"I was born in Anchorage Alaska and grew up in the beautiful community of Eagle River where I often enjoyed hiking its mountains and exploring its trails.  I was raised in a family with 8 siblings and received my education at home where my parents taught me the values of thinking for oneself, logic, and problem solving..."

  • Business Owner 
  • Former Executive Director of Alaska Right to Life
  • 3rd Generation Alaskan 
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Endorsements & Recommendations

Joe Miller, 
​Former Republican Nominee for US Senate

Bob Bird, 
Radio Host & Former Alaska Right to Life President

Prolifers have seen betrayal after betrayal by the Republican Party. They have witnessed token, useless legislation that, even if passed and able to withstand judicial review, would have done little to end the vicious killing of humanity. We have also seen where Republicans run and hide whenever authentic, meaningful and game-changing legislation is introduced to end abortion.

Christopher Kurka will not be of that mold. He will be courageous, he will be smart, he will not schmooze for political advancement. I have known him for decades and he enjoys my confidence. He's not only prolife but also a fiscal conservative. He will disturb not only Democrats but the mainstream media ... and also the RINOs.

That is why I am endorsing him with "Two Thumbs Up".